A reliable business plan for dummies
We are thinking Do you already know what kind of business you want to do, who is the consumer of your product or service and how will you sell them?…

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EMPLOYMENT CENTER AT THE CORNER: 8 signs that you are not ready to start your own business
“Starting and running a business requires a lot of energy. This is very risky, ”says Rani Langer-Croager, co-founder of Uptima Business Bootcamp. There is nothing shameful that you prefer to…

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The crisis of modern economic education
Dissatisfaction with modern economic education over the years has been deafeningly ripening at universities around the world. Finally, this discontent broke out. The media reported on an unprecedented event: at…

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Free Business Game “Your Start” – Entrepreneurship Course

According to Edgar Dale’s learning cone, the most effective learning is to simulate or perform a real action. It gives 90% of the result, compared, for example, with lectures, videos or reading. A game is an imitation of real activity. Business game Your Start is perhaps the only free online training in Russian on pumping entrepreneurial qualities and skills.

Free – does not mean free or low quality. The game, which is actually an entrepreneurship course, lasts 15 days. Meetings are held online in live mode. This is not a car workshop! The creator of the business course on Internet entrepreneurship, Your Start, a well-known serial entrepreneur – Evgeny Khodchenkov, himself, leads this game live. Eugene and his team have worked wonderfully creating this course and really follow their basic principle in business – do good for people, give it first, and only then get the opposite effect in the form of cash flow and positive emotions!

That is why the business game Your Start is not a stream of “water” for several hours, as is usually the case with many online paid courses, but a really useful, capacious and well-structured material.

Within 15 days you will find interesting webinars related to organizing your business and promoting it on the Internet. But you should not relax, you will also be waiting for tasks that will need to be performed in a limited time. Everything is strict – I did not complete the task twice, you lose the right to continue training!

After all, as is usually the case with self-education. Everyone probably has a folder in his laptop, where he neatly puts together various trainings, notes, courses, so that later you can read and listen to all this. But then NEVER comes to this then. This is how a person works. Only a clear schedule helps, when one day a week you strictly devote yourself to self-education, without being distracted by anything, turning off all communications.

Therefore, to complete the Your Start business game, plan the time, try to remove everything superfluous from your schedule, and ideally free up your time only for this business training. Do not worry, it’s over, you will need to focus only on some of these days for an online meeting and for the duration of homework.

This level of business training usually costs a lot of money, you have the opportunity to go this way for free. You ask, why such generosity?

Firstly, as mentioned above, the team of creators follows the principle – first give, and then earn.

Secondly, the guys are looking for like-minded people. The game was created as part of the Free Entrepreneurs Alliance, which includes many successful entrepreneurs. The Alliance adheres to the principles of the new business education system and in its methods, much has been learned from the ideas of the famous business coach and best-selling author of business literature Robert Kiyosaki.

You will be able to join the Alliance after a tough selection in the framework of the business game Your Start. The most successful business projects identified during the game can receive the support of the Alliance of Free Entrepreneurs, both financial and coaching, for a certain share of future profits. Finding creative and motivated entrepreneurs and strengthening the Alliance with their participation is one of the goals of these free classes.

Who will benefit from Your Start entrepreneurship course?
Novice entrepreneurs. You will receive a powerful impetus and motivation to create your own business. Training will allow you to avoid many mistakes, because Entrepreneurs with vast experience will reveal several insights to you, share valuable experience and focus your attention on the most necessary and relevant issues, which will need to be concentrated in further training. You will learn the history of several successful businesses and discover new business ideas.

Free business game Your start entrepreneurship course

Entrepreneurs who already have an existing offline business. You will receive valuable recommendations on bringing your business online and creating platforms for representing your business on the Internet. Improve your knowledge of creating business systems. And, of course, get the opportunity to communicate with businessmen of your level.

For experienced entrepreneurs, this is, above all, an opportunity for networking – communication with people close to you in spirit and goals in life. The Community of the Free Entrepreneurs Alliance Evgeny Khodchenkova offers a more advanced joint training program – the annual “Airplane” course, as well as annual business meetings in the city of Sochi. But we recommend that you first go through the free game “Your Start” in order to get inspired by the spirit of the community, learn its principles and understand if this is suitable for you. In addition, let’s say a secret who doesn’t “fly out” of the game and gets a good discount on all advanced courses.

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