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How to evaluate a business plan for long-term development

Targets and goals
Strange as it may seem, this part of the business plan is analyzed at the very end and is the quintessence of everything described below. It should occupy one or two pages, no more. It is in this section that answers to the key questions raised in the annotation.

Where are we. General direction market in the Russian Federation
A table with data on the entire market is relevant here, and not only for those product groups (TG) that you have in stock. At the same time, the market position should be reflected both in past periods (ideally for the previous 5 years) and for the period covered by the business plan, which is a long-term document (developed at least 5 years in advance). This is done in order to understand the dynamics of the market, as well as the potential for the introduction of new TG.

The TGs available in your assortment should be listed in a separate table with the actual figures carried out for past periods of planned sales.

1. TG1
Further, all TGs available in the commodity direction are examined in detail.

1.1. General information
It is useful if the business plan takes into account the likelihood that the reader may not have a detailed idea of ​​the production methods and features of the products and goods included in one or another TG, and is provided with a short, one or two page, general description, without special technical details.

1.2. General assessment of the TG market
Re-evaluate the TG market of past and forecasted periods (a graph is needed for clarity). If it is expected that the market will go out of trend and begin to grow more slowly or faster, then the prerequisites should be indicated. What are the trends on the market and what can this give your company?

1.3. Market by suppliers
It is impossible to understand what is happening on the market without evaluating it in terms of suppliers of this TG in units of measurement and in money over the past 5 years. The next step is a detailed commentary on everything that happens on the suppliers’ market: analysis of the current situation, conclusions and forecast for the further development of this market. The selection of an existing portfolio and the planned introduction of new suppliers should be explained and reasoned. It is advisable that this section is accompanied by charts, tables, graphs.

1.4. Market by Products
For market research vendors useful product analysis of each of them. It is possible that you should not work with a specific supplier throughout the entire product line it offers, but it is worth introducing several shock positions that are indicative in the market. Thus, an analysis of the life cycles of the main products on the market is necessary.

1.5. Price categories and margins on the TG1 market
Price segmentation in the market determines the assortment range and pricing policy of the company. It is desirable that all these data for clarity be summarized in table. 1.

Price categories and margins in the market of product groups for a business plan

1.6. Analysis of the main competitors
Without an assessment of competition, it is impossible to answer the question of where we are now. A card must be filled for each competitor

Analysis of the main competitors for a business plan

Market shares held by you and your competitors are best reflected in the chart. The dynamics of changes over the past few periods is also important – who grew / fell and why this happened.

In addition, companies should be indicated that may soon become your competitors.

1.7. Key customers and distribution channels of TG1
To assess the sales system, you need to clearly understand who your customers are and what are the distribution channels, otherwise it would be impossible to develop an individual distribution system for each channel.

It is necessary that you can see the contribution of each channel to your sales and a detailed strategy for further work with each channel, as well as forecasts what role each channel will play next year and which new channels may be involved in the future.

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