The problem of the interaction of technological and economic transformations
The article discusses issues related to the paradigm of independent research of technological and economic transformations. The author comes to the conclusion that in modern conditions the technological innovation process…

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When you need to take a loan to small business.
To take out a loan in the fire order to pay off financial problems, even if it succeeds, as a rule, does not solve financial problems, but only exacerbates them.…

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About running rabbit “I can not afford a week of vacation - the company immediately loses important contracts and is late with deliveries to the main customers.” “I can’t bring…

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A reliable business plan for dummies

We are thinking
Do you already know what kind of business you want to do, who is the consumer of your product or service and how will you sell them? It’s important for you to understand that the goal of a business is money, and this entire article is about them and how to think about them.

It is important for you to properly set up your thinking. When you think about your business, you are dreaming, and that is right. But there is a danger: a dream easily develops into an illusion. It’s easy to dream not only in the evening on the sofa, it’s also easy to draw ridiculous numbers on tablets. Type plan fabulous profits.

In order not to fall into illusions, immediately answer what is more important: to dream and then experience a failure in life, or to think over everything reliably and then win? If you want to win in reality, then a business plan is a must. Think sincerely.

We think about the costs
Task number one. Reliably write out expenses, starting and monthly.

It is very simple. Starting expenses are money that you invest once at the beginning of your business. For example, the purchase of furniture, the repair of premises and the authorized capital are all starting expenses. What not to forget:

legal services (company registration, consultations, etc.)
first rental and repair of premises
furniture, computers + software, equipment, communications, office
hospitality expenses (dinners with the right people, a new mobile phone)
marketing costs (advertising and printing)
personnel costs (people search)
You need to write down the amounts in such detail that you yourself believe in them. Say, avoid writing “about $ 5,000” in the “furniture” box. This is unreliable and strictly speaking, this is not a figure. You can’t come to the investor with the words “I need approximately $ 14,000”. Make a few typical configurations of jobs and calculate the cost of each. Nevertheless, it is enough to write in the article “office”, for example, $ 50, because this figure looks reliable for a small office. Common sense here is the best adviser.

To deceive your creative thinking and prevent him from flying into the illusory world in this process, do so. First write down a list of costly items (furniture, computers, etc.) as detailed as possible, and only then proceed with filling them in with numbers. Firstly, you will overcome the fear of the white sheet. Secondly, you will not see the growing amount yet, and there will be no unconscious fear of writing out another costly article. Like, “I’m afraid the figure is approaching a big one, I’d better hide from myself that I still need money …” Remember – almost any costs can be optimized, often quite noticeable, and you will be sure to do this later. Write it all.

What amounts to write in costly articles? Real! Categorically it is impossible to underestimate the costs regarding what is really on the market, this is a taboo. You do not have the right to plan to rent an office apartment for $ 100 / month, counting on luck or trying to reduce the estimate. If in your region an office apartment costs $ 400 / month – write $ 450, remember about utilities! Also avoid overstating the numbers, although it’s easier with this – there will be something to optimize later.

To adequately assess the starting costs, you need to clarify all the numbers. Do not take them out of your head, let all the information about the amounts have their source – a phone call or price list.

More about salaries. Avoid calling people by name in a business plan. A person in business performs a function, and does not appear on its own. And the salary is paid not to Vasya Pupkin, but to the programmer or driver. Salaries should also be specified by labor exchanges, and not invented. Some positions receive not only a fixed rate, but also a percentage of sales. We will consider this later.

Be sure to plan for trouble! Here I mean the fund for unforeseen expenses, they will certainly be. Very often there is a desire to “optimize” this fund, but it is absolutely impossible to do this. There is nothing more unpleasant than a situation when there is an urgent need for money, but there is none. Often, starting a business is seriously affected by a shortage of literally scanty money. If all goes well, the reserve fund will gradually accumulate, and then bring interest to the bank. But everything will not be fine, I promise.

The reserve fund can be filled in different ways. A popular option is to credit% of all profits (5-10%) to this fund. Another option is to keep it as a separate expense with a fixed monthly amount of deductions.

It’s good to print costs on a piece of paper and carry this piece of paper with you in a cafe. In less than a week, you and your friends will be able to optimize the cost part pretty well.

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