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Self-raising four-legged partly barge has a great opportunities to implement various technological operations in a river and seas. The rising opportunity until necessary height from any water level of barge body, it allows implementation of construction and installation works with safe and accuracy in flowing rivers and waving seas.
Barge is designed for the implementation of the following technological operations:

1. In pile injection works in rivers and seas (it is impossible to work in 30 m deep waters).
2. In geological prospecting works in rivers and seas
3. In sea and river bed cleaning works
4. In transportation works of various configured cargo until 300 tons weight in rivers and seas
5. In construction works as a work ground for workers in rivers and seas.





Barge body consists of some sections are connected to each other with special lock combination.
That kind of construction allows delivering a barge body from one site to another site by track.
Overall dimensions of the main body: length - 30 m, width -14 m, height-2.2 m.
Number of barge body parts: 4 units (12x2.35x2.2 m), 8 units (9x2.35x2.2 m),
10 units (6x2.35x2.2 m)
Number of legs: 4 units (length of each leg 30 m)
Leg diameter: 1220 mm   
Barge Load capacity: 300 t
Barge weight:  304 t
Its hydraulic legs allow to move up & down quickly over water.
In each leg has 2 carrier and 4 locker cylinders. Legs are equipped
with touch control system.
This system lets all 4 legs can move separately.
Hydraulic system working pressure is 200 bars but testing pressure
is 300 bars.




The following main equipment

are mounted on the barge:

120-ton crane LİEBHERR HS 885 HD – 1 unit
Office and living containers (6x2.5 m two-storied) – 1 unit
Drilling rig for geological exploration – 1 unit
Generator – 2 units
Diesel fuel tank 5 ton – 1 unit
Drinkable water tank 5 ton – 1 unit
Grey and brown water tank 5 ton – 1 unit
Boat  – 1 unit
Rotary crane – 1 unit
Spare parts warehouse – 2 units
Spare tube materials warehouse – 2 units





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